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Sending Streaks

I was having a lovely time skiing powder last week. Just a lovely time. The forecast for rain early this week was heartbreaking. It rained… alot. I watched from the warm and dry comfort of my little house in the woods as the thermometer moved upwards, tagged 40 and dropped again. The next morning was […]

..and another one!

What a great start to winter and the New Year. Happy New Year everyone from all of us at Cathedral Mountain Guides!                                       …and the conditions are coming right along. Here are a few favorites.  

From the Ground, Up.

Yesterday Ray, Conner and I rambled through the woods on a fresh trial after an hour’s bike ride and a 7 am start on Bear Notch Road. We were heading up to Green’s Cliff, the remarkable slice of white granite visible high above the Kanc on the section I call the Swam Donkey Flats. Ray […]