This winter, we’re excited to put together some midweek group offerings.  Come take advantage of the quiet crags, learn some skills to take your climbing to the next level, and have fun with an amazing crew of climbers and guides!

Steep Ice Seminar

February 7th & 8th

Are you looking to advance your ice climbing ability towards more difficult objectives?

Want to learn techniques to help manage the pump on pillars and curtains?

Or if you simply looking to climb new, exciting and more challenging terrain (dare we say, Lake Willoughby?!) join Cathedral Mountain Guides and experience all that the vertical world has to offer! We’ll spend two days immersed in WI 4 and 5 terrain at some of the best ice climbing locations in the lower 48! Let us help you become a more confident ice climber and feel comfortable pushing yourself on steep ice this winter!

Day 1 will take place in a cragging environment (likely The Flume in Franconia Notch but the exact location will be based on current conditions).  We will prioritize skills related to efficient movement on steep ice in a top-rope setting.  You will try out new techniques, receive guided feedback, and work to keep the pump at bay!

On Day 2, we will head to one of the United States’ premier destinations for big, steep ice lines – Lake Willoughby, Vermont (conditions permitting).  At “the Lake”, we will put into practice that which we worked on the day before.  We will split into two teams and each group will attempt a multi-pitch objective that challenges them appropriately.

These two days will be led by CMG guide, Keith Sidle.  Keith is well-known as one of the region’s finest steep ice climbers.  On top of that, he is a brilliant instructor and an all-around great guy.

The Beta

When:  Tuesday, February 7th & Wednesday, February 8th

Where:  Exact location TBD for Day 1; Day 2: Lake Willoughby, Vermont.  For lodging & accommodations, we recommend staying in the Littleton/Bethlehem/Franconia area.

Cost:  $425/person.  Price includes all rental equipment.  Price does not include gratuity.

Prerequisites:  Solid belaying skills and the ability to comfortably top-rope WI 3.  Multi-pitch experience is not required but will help significantly on day 2.

Required Gear:  Participants will be expected to come prepared with – at least – most of a personal climbing kit (boots, crampons, tools, harness, helmet, belay devices, etc.).  Please let us know if you will need to borrow anything from CMG.

Group Size:  We’re going to cap it at 4 climbers!  On day 2, we will bring in a second guide and split the team in two groups.

Intro to Ice

February 21st & 22nd

Have you been thinking about trying out ice climbing?  Wondering what the frozen vertical world is all about? Whether you are a gym climber, a rock climber, or no kind of climber at all, this course will provide you with the opportunity for a two-day dive into the fundamentals of ice climbing.

This group course offers an exceptional opportunity to experience the sport of ice climbing, while also providing a great way to meet fellow climbers.

On day 1, we will begin by making sure we are all up to speed on the important topics of belaying and tying into the climbing rope.  From there we will shift towards climbing technique and the key components of body positioning, footwork, and tool use.  There will be lots of climbing too!

Day 2 will be more climbing focused and we will choose a climbing site that offers a greater variety of terrain for us to practice and play on.  We will have easier options to fine-tune the movement skills, as well as the opportunity to venture onto steeper terrain.

The Beta

When:  Tuesday, February 21st & Wednesday, February 22nd

Where:  North Conway, New Hampshire.  Meet in town in the morning and then set off towards one of the Mount Washington Valley’s classic ice climbing crags.

Cost:  $300/person.  Price includes all rental equipment.  Price does not include gratuity.

Prerequisites:  None at all!

What you need:  Check out our winter gear list for an idea of what to bring and how to prepare for climbing in the cold!

Group Size:  We’re going to cap it at 4 climbers!