Guided Ice Climbing

Guided Ice Climbing

Have a route on your to-do list? Just need to get out and climb? A busy schedule, difficulty finding partners, and all of life’s other complications make accomplishing your climbing goals difficult. Streamline a day out with Cathedral Mountain Guides and spend more time climbing.

Whether you are a seasoned ice climber or you have just recently nailed the fundamentals with our Intro to Ice Course, a day out with one of our guides will be sure to get you to the goods in the frozen hills of the White Mountains.  Options abound for those looking for single pitch cragging days or multi-pitch adventures.  Frankenstein, Mount Willard, Mount Webster, Cathedral Ledge, Cannon Cliff, Huntington Ravine, etc… A great way to experience what the area has to offer, regardless of climbing ability.

These guided days are generally more objective-focused, rather than skills-focused.  That said, with the low-ratio, private guiding that Cathedral Mountain Guides prides itself on, it is easy to tailor the day to meet your personal goals.

Classic Routes
Shoestring Gully, Mount Webster, NEI 2+
Hitchcock Gully, Mount Willard, NEI 3
Standard Route, Frankenstein, NEI 3+
Chia, Frankenstein, NEI 3+
Smear, Frankenstein, NEI 4
Dracula, Frankenstein, NEI 4
The Black Dike, Cannon Cliff, NEI 4+
Repentance, Cathedral Ledge, NEI 5
Remission, Cathedral Ledge, NEI 5+
Omega, Cannon Cliff, NEI 5+
and many others…

Winter Climbing

Explore our other Winter Climbing options:


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