COVID-19 UPDATE (5/19/2020):

As we look forward towards a future that is redefined by a “new normal”, Cathedral Mountain Guides is moving towards developing a strategy to offer guiding services in the age of COVID-19.

Things will be a little bit different – and will take some getting used to – but we are working hard to find the right balance of acceptable risk and reward.  We understand that this risk-reward equation is going to look different for everyone and we are digging deep to figure out how we, as a business, can balance those scales in a way that is responsible and appropriate for ourselves, our guests, and our communities.  We will continue to follow the guidelines as set forth by the CDC and WHO, as well as work with our industry’s leaders, to implement a plan that manages the risks of transmission as best as possible.

We will be closed, at least, through May 31st.  Please stay tuned and keep in touch as we get closer to the end of May.

Be safe, be strong, and take care of yourselves and each other.

– Bayard, Freddie & Grant