New Hampshire Mountaineering

  • New Hampshire Mountaineering

    The incredibly accessible Mount Washington and the Presidential Range is home to a unique wealth of terrain perfectly suited to the climber and mountaineer.

From the 20 mile long wild and exposed Presidential Range Traverse, to ice and snow climbs like Pinnacle Gully and Damnation Gully, to hikes to the summit of Mount Washington; the Northeast’s highest summit. At Cathedral Mountain Guides we learned to climb in the Presidentials. We have spent countless days behind goggles and facemask leaning into the wind, battling spindrift and carefully avoiding avalanche terrain. We have spent glorious sun drenched days above the trees and, sometimes, even above the clouds. Days when the ferocious range feels instead like a playground. We love the White Mountains, it’s our home.

Three Day Mountaineering Course

A perfect introduction for those with big mountain dreams.  Whether those goals are Ranier, Denali, the Great Ranges or here in the White Mountains, this course works.  Tried and true.

Mountaineering Course

Presidential Range Traverse

The Presidential Range In New Hampshire’s White Mountains stands as one of the few places where climbers in the east can experience a truly alpine experience.

Presidential Traverse

Mount Washington Ascents

The highest summit in the Northeast can be a beautiful hike on a warm, early spring day, or an unforgettable struggle against wind and blowing snow.

Mount Washington Ascent

Glacier Travel & Crevasse Rescue

Learn the most up-to-date systems and techniques for moving through some of the world’s most beautiful places.

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