Ice Leader Course

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Ice Leader Course

There is definitely some black magic involved in leading ice, especially steep ice. Improve your climbing technique, anchor and protection systems, and learn the ropes with our Ice Leader Course. A few days of professional instruction can open up a whole new realm of possibilities.

More so than rock climbing, leading ice involves serious commitment.  Whereas rock climbing protection can often feel black or white in terms of its quality, ice climbing often involves a whole lot of gray.  Spending a few days out with a guide who has already logged many thousands of meters of ice climbing will help accelerate your learning process and give you a significantly better understanding of the medium on which you are climbing – how to read it, protect it, and securely climb it as a comfortable and confident leader.

For those with little exposure to leading, a three day course would be recommended, while a supplemental day out could round out the skills of a mentored intermediate.  Contact us to design a personal program.


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