Our Mission:

At Cathedral Mountain Guides, our goal is to provide personalized, one-of-a-kind climbing adventure and instruction throughout the White Mountains of New Hampshire and beyond.

Our Values:

We are guides because we believe adventure, like fear, love, and sorrow, is an essential part of the human condition. We want to welcome everyone to experience a little adventure in their lives. We strive to meet every customer’s goals and objectives by listening, working not only to guide but also to teach and share decision-making in the mountains.  Along the way we aim to convey the importance of being good stewards for our public outdoor spaces and shared landscapes.

We cannot, however, begin to be truly inclusive if we don’t first recognize that societal issues including racism and bigotry persist in America today — and these issues don’t stop or disappear when you enter outdoor spaces, public parks, or “wilderness” areas. We affirm the dignity of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the need to work collectively towards ending police violence and systemic racism. We also recognize and support the ongoing efforts of the LGBQT+ community for social equality.

Organizations serving marginalized groups are invited to climb with us at reduced rates. If you represent a BIPOC group or organization working to promote JEDI values, please contact us for more info. We want to climb with you! Lastly, we endeavor to be good allies to the growing network of activists by always being open to fresh ideas, new partnerships, and critical feedback.

Land Acknowledgement:

Cathedral Mountain Guides operates in Wobanadenok (aka the White Mountains), part of N’dakinna, the traditional ancestral homeland of the Abenaki, Pennacook, and Wabanaki people. Locally, the Mount Washington Valley was inhabited by the Pigwacket band of the Abenaki, and our home hill was known as Agiocochook – home of the Great Spirit – before its name was changed to Mount Washington in 1784.  While to this day New Hampshire has no federally recognized tribes, we acknowledge and honor with gratitude all indigenous people who called this area home, and their descendants whose lives are woven into the fabric of local communities throughout the region.

Current Partners:

College Outside
Veteran's Expeditions