Sending Streaks

I was having a lovely time skiing powder last week. Just a lovely time. The forecast for rain early this week was heartbreaking. It rained… alot. I watched from the warm and dry comfort of my little house in the woods as the thermometer moved upwards, tagged 40 and dropped again.

The next morning was cold, it was cold everywhere; gotta love a wobbly polar vortex.

In the afternoon at Cathedral Ledge we found incredible conditions. Just incredible. I was heartbroken no more.


Good friends Sam, Elliot and I climbed great pitches, kinda thin, but perfect for getting the head wrapped back around steep, thin ice climbing.


The next day Peter Doucette and I drove to Cannon, expecting the same ice covered conditions we found at home on Cathedral, but a lack of snow on the West Side seemed to effect the conditions, and nothing was there…

Back to Cathedral.

Now Peter had a good idea of what was going on, but once positioned on  back on the Barber wall the gravity of the situation seemed to really hit home.

It took some convincing to get him on a warm up, stubbie protected 5+ pitch – he wanted to jump right into the really hard stuff – but he relented. This is where the streak begins.

Over to the base of Upper Refuse and up again to a higher ledge and I quickly lost a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors that I thought I had rigged.

55m later Peter had put the rope up on one of the coolest pitches I have done, delicate water ice and spooky mixed climbing.






























I got a chance at some improbable looking climbing next, fully psyched at this point on an icy version of Lichen it A Lot.









































Peter now, fully warmed up and ready for the next event, takes it to the next level. The next three days he proceeds to climb everything. I mean everything

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