A Smugglers Notch Weekend

Here are some photos from a great weekend with the Vermont crew up at the Smuggs Ice Bash. It was a great reunion for me with some good friends I don’t often see these days. CMG guide Matt McCormick and I got out for an attempt on a cool looking new line on the Quartz Crack Face in Smuggler’s Notch, but on closer inspection a 20′ long death block shut down the operation. Instead we traversed off onto a solid consolation prize of topping out Post Nasal Drip – a route he and Peter Doucette put up a few years ago.

Dominatrix was in fine shape and the was the objective for Sunday.

Thanks to Steve and Andrea Charest for a great event, and a special thanks to Tim Farr who seems to really run the show! Good to see everyone up there!

Bayard Russell

Madison NH


Matt McCormick getting into the crux of Dominatrix. What an amazing line!


Sneaking up on it..


Matt following the last pitch of he and Peter Doucette’s route Post Nasal Drip.


Traversing into to Post Nasal from the left after a deciding to we wanted to live. Tim Farr in the background.


Sweet New England! Good old scrapping around on Triscam.