The New Situation

This is my first time using my new website; it’s been a busy fall of getting this together, working a bunch and building a woodshed, but I’m almost ready for the snow to fly. Brian Post at 6288 Designs (anyone recognize that #?) put this together for me, and I can’t be happier. Now, I’m psyched to get out of my house, do some climbing, have some adventures and share some stories knowing that I have three cords of dry firewood stacked right outside my front door and a website for my business that has plenty of room to grow.

The new, not-quite-full and not-quite-finished (but good enough for this fall) woodshed at my house.

This is going to be a busy winter of climbing and guiding between two once-in-a-lifetime-trips; one for the AAC in late January to the climbers meet in Scotland hosted by the British Mountaineering Council, and a second trip in late February to Oman – my wife Anne’s cousin is an archeologist who needs a hand scraping millennium old rodent dung off some cliffs in the southern part of the country. We are going to help her out, and then get some Persian Gulf-side climbing in.

The new rodent in my life; the rock hyrax. A little critter just like this laid down some poop, hundreds of years ago, that is going to provide archeologists with valuable climatological data in southern Oman.

Right now, though, I’m just focused on trying to just getting in some ice climbing with friends here in the Northeast. It’s such a short season you kinda have to drop everything and give it hell.

My new crampons, the Stingers.. nice work BD!