Shell Pond

Mark Richey on the Hardscrabble Road, 5.12c.

Pat Bagley sending the Sarlac, 5.12b.

Jed Piat, mid-huck, while onsighting Hardscrable.

Yeah boy..

The Richey Project

The Richey Project from Bayard Russell on Vimeo.

Mark Richey is one of the country’s most accomplished Himalayan alpinists, a business owner who grew a basement wood shop into a hugely successful architectural woodworking company and an all around pleasure to spend a day cragging with. Ray Rice, him and I skied out to Western Maine’s Shell Pond in mid-March for a good day of heckling on some steep, dry spring rock.

The Laughing Lion

The second pitches and up.

The routes are from left to right:

Unamed 5.11c, FA Ray Rice, sport

Mane Line 5.11d, FA Bob Parrot, mixed gear, four pitches

Unamed 5.11d, FA Ray Rice, sport

Rainbow Route 5.11d, FA Bayard Russell, Maddog Drummond, Chris Bassett, mixed gear, three pitches

Unamed 5.11a, equiped by Bob Parrot, FA probably Bayard Russell, Freddie Wilkinson and Maddog Drummond, mixed gear

Acid Wall 5.12d/13a?, FA Bayard Russell, sport, three pitches

Unamed 5.12c, FA Bayard Russell, equiped by Dave Sharrat, mixed gear

Oracular Vulva aka Whiteboy 5.13a FA Dave Sharrat, equipped by Bayard Russell, sport

The Pitchfork 5.9 R, FA Ray Rice, trad

Far, Far Away 5.11c, FA Bayard Russell, sport

Lazy Boy 5.11a/12a, FA Ray Rice