The AAC Does This All For You!

The AAC is hosting their annual dinner down in Boston on March 3rd. This is a different kind of party than the usual North Country six-pack-of-cans affair, but it also serves a very different purpose.

The AAC gives climbers money to go climbing. They host events that bring us together. They are the liason between other countries’ alpine clubs and us, facilitating opportunities like the one I just had in Scotland for the BMC’s recent Winter Meet. They write the American Alpine Journal, the definitive source for information on the year’s alpine climbs and inspiration for the future’s. They provide travel rescue insurance to members, something that can be hard to come by otherwise.

This annual fundraiser helps to pay for it all. Come, enjoy the show by Piolet d’ Or nominees Mark Richey, Steve Swensen and Freddie Wilkinson and help support the grants and other programs that keep pushing American alpinsim forward.

Find out more information here.