Molly Mundy

Molly dreamed of being a climber for many years before circumstances finally lined up in 2019, and she was able to fully dive into the pursuit. She fell fast and hard for it, and quickly found herself on a mission to create a lifestyle that would allow her to spend as much time as possible both climbing and making art.

Molly balances her time between her career as a watercolor artist, guiding, and ski patrolling in the winter months. While she has traveled far and wide in search of spectacular landscapes to paint, and beautiful rock to climb, she’s happy and proud to call the North Conway area home and to have the privilege of getting to know the nooks and crannies of Cathedral Ledge — even though her love of splitter cracks and big skies still tends to draw her out west sometimes! Molly values all time spent outside, and is especially interested in cultivating a balance between stillness and activity in the outdoors. Currently she finds peace in nature through watercolor landscape painting, and a deep connection with place and community through climbing. Balancing these two ways of being is central to Molly’s life and is a part of what drew her to guiding. Molly is passionate about enabling others discover the joy and connection that can come from moving over rock in a beautiful place.

Molly is an AMGA certified Single Pitch Instructor. When she’s not climbing or painting, Molly enjoys working in her garden, trail running (or walking), snowboarding, cross country skiing, and spending time with her partner Grant and pup Leroy. She is also the Vice President of the board of Friends of the Ledges, and is active in community organization, and protecting and stewarding the local cliffs.