Denali and Mount Hunter. Photo used by permission from Colby Coombs.

Denali, Mt Vinson.. Everest, you have to start somewhere. With a staff that has spent months climbing and guiding on the glaciers, ridges and summits of our big, cold mountains, Cathedral Mountain Guides is uniquely situated to prepare you.

The dozen successful Denali summits the Cathedral Mountain Guides staff has accumulated  on their own and guiding with Alaska Mountaineering School will give you an intimate perspective on North America’s highest mountain. However, the summit day is short compared to the days and weeks of work that get you there. We are here to show you the way.

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-Fixed Line Ascension

-Crampon and Ice Ax Technique

-Cold Weather Camping Skills

Stay warm and keep your digits by learning how in your own backyard on Mount Washington, Home of the World’s Worst Weather.