The Welsh Connection

After a couple of trips in the past couple of years to the UK, I am thoroughly impressed. A trip to Scotland a couple of Januarys ago created many powerful memories of engaging climbing in surprisingly committing settings, and provided inspiration for some great days out back home that winter, and the next. But, in a […]

Just Rewards

I did a route in the Daks a few years back with Matt McCormick and Matt Horner, we called it Endangered Species. It blew all of our minds. The Matt’s and I had it our way and it was an incredibly rewarding experience. Then, Kevin Mahoney blew our minds again, a week or so later, when […]

My First Day of Winter

We got started about 2pm, after a visit from the plumber who finished the rough in for the new bathroom. We walked back and forth a bit between Repentance and Remission- they both look pretty difficult – and settled for the one on the left (Repentance). I had brought an extra hoody for the car […]