Not Yet…

Looks like a slow start this ice season, but warm temps, some rain and a good amount of sun have been great for late season yard work. We’ll just have to consider tonight’s forecast, a blast of wind and 1-2 inches of rain, money in the bank. Its supposed to begin to cool down over the next few days – maybe even some snow over the weekend and early next week.

I’m beginning to hope for my early season favorite, a good old fashioned rainstorm and a cold snap – the formula for the best adventure around. We’ll see if it gets cold enough to make Cannon go off, then I’ll see if I can find my crampons. That first early morning mission to scrape around in the cold after scrambling all night to put together a full winter kit is priceless. All the annoyances are quickly forgotten at first light on a clear morning. Especially a first light that reveals long, thin drips of yellow, twisted Cannon ice where you had been debating there might be. It often reveals something that makes for a change of plan, sometimes even a change of venue.

I’ve admired Cannon’s medieval, green masonry from random belays all over the cliff. Sometimes those long, cold belays were enough to make me promise to quit climbing and ponder getting a real job. But it never took much; a sip of tea, a look from a partner, or the sudden shift to an engaging lead to straighten out those misguided thoughts. Each December unknown drips, torquing picks, turf shots, pitons, bright cold moons and pitch black drives across the Kanc reenergize and refresh me. If its not this one, maybe the next storm.