Sea of Holes on the Whitehorse

Sea of Holes on the Whitehorse slabs.

The Mount Washington Valley, and the White Mountains of New Hampshire, are inarguably home to some of the best rock climbing in the country. The granite is spectacular. There is terrian here for the beginner on their first day out, and the expert alike.We offer a fully flexible range of guided days, most determined in a one-on-one conversation about past experience and goals. The first job of a guide is to pick the best terrain for that person, a skill developed through years of experience, but we are also happy to be a rope gun for a dream climb. New Hampshire’s mountains are a great training ground and an end in themselves.

Intro to Rock
Spend the morning learning the basics on flat ground; tying in, maintaining personal safety, securing the rope for your partner, removing rock protection and the fundamentals of movement. Spend the afternoon climbing and practicing those skills. North Conway’s Cathedral Ledge is the perfect place, conveniently offering an outdoor classroom setting and easily accessible, excellent, beginner terrrain.

Just getting out on the cliff and covering terrain is what its all about. A busy schedule, difficulty finding patners, and all of life’s other complications make accomplishing your climbing goals difficult. Streamline a day out with Cathedral Mountain Guides and spend more time climbing.

Rock Leader Courses
Getting out on the sharp end is a whole different experience. We will discuss both the techniques and the art. For those with little exposure to leading, a three day course would might be required, while a supplemental day out could round out the skills of a mentored intermediate. Contact us to design a personalized program.

Self Rescue
How do you lower or haul an unresponsive partner, pass a knot or pick off an injured second? Learn the skills you hope to never use and discuss how avoid ugly situations.

Classic Introductory and Intermediate Routes
Upper Refuse, Cathedral Ledge, 5.5
Standard Route, Whitehorse Ledge, 5.5
Thin Air, Cathedral Ledge, 5.6
Funhouse, Cathedral Ledge, 5.7
Sliding Board, Whitehorse Ledge, 5.7

Classic Intermediate and Advanced Routes
Whitney Gilman Ridge, Cannon Cliff, 5.7
Endeavor, Whites Ledge, 5.7
Inferno, Whitehorse Ledge, 5.8
Still in Saigon, Cathedral Ledge, 5.8
Recompense, Cathedral Ledge, 5.9
Hotter Than Hell, Whitehorse Ledge, 5.9
Vertigo, Cannon Cliff, 5.9
Diedre, Cathedral Ledge, 5.10
VMC Direct Direct, Cannon Cliff, 5.10